No Pier Pressure: Brian Wilson


No Pier Pressure Brian WilsonBrian Wilson is a popular American songwriter, record producer, musician and singer. He is best known for his multi tasking. He is a co founder of the popular album ‘The Beach Boys’. He is said to be a genius boy and now he has turned as a successful artist through No Pier Pressue. The album has guest performance of various artists like Zooey Deschannel, Kacey Musgraves, Sebu Simonian and Nate Ruess. The singles from the No Pier Pressure are ‘The Right Time’, ‘Runaway Dancer’ and ‘On the Island’.

No_Pier_PressureThe Right Time was released on February 2015, the Runaway Dancer was released on March 17, 2015 and On the Island was released on March 31, 2015. All the albums has received massive responsive from the audience. It is a kind of mellow harmony, and not something like rock and roll kind. The Wilson’s daughter Daria though the title of the album, No Pier Pressure.

Enjoy Hill Climb Racing: Game Review


Enjoy Hill Climb Racing Game ReviewDo you play games once in a while? Are you looking for an interesting cartoon game? If your answers are yes you need to try this excellent and amazing game – Hill Climb Racing. It is perfect for passionate game players and once in a while game players. At the start, you may feel the game is simple and easy to unlock all the levels. But when you keep playing and fully indulge yourself in the game, you would get to know that it is not easy to unlock the brand latest car in the final level. It is an addictive game though it looks cartoonish.

Game ReviewThe game instructions and graphics are simple. You can easily understand the game in few minutes. There are different types of environments like green hill, desert, arctic, highways, mars, xmas, forest, arctic cave, mountain, volcano, beach, rooftops and more. You need to win stage by stage and unlock each environment. Apart from this, you will have vehicle options car, jeep, bus, motorcycle bike, one wheeler, police car, tourist bus and more vehicles to unlock each stage. It is necessary to choose the right vehicle for each stage to unlock and go successfully. This game is available in Android and Apple stores.

Boom Beach: Effective and Addicting Game


If you wish to play a battle field game in a real mesmerizing effect, then you need to install this game ‘Boom Beach’. It is easily available in application store and play store in both Android and Apple devices. The Boom Beach games has really simple and effective tutorial which any starter could follow and learn the game in few minutes. When you start the game you would be given a base and team of troops. You need to attack, involve in battle and win gold, coins, wood and diamond resources to upgrade your land. If you fail to win the battle, you would be losing your army and need to spend extra coins to upgrade them.

boom-beachThe Boom Beach game is really an addictive and mind breaking game. As a player, you would be thinking how to defeat other player and win more gold for your country. If you wish to download this game, you can easily download in a click without paying extra cost or installing any addition software. At the start you need to install the game in your device and start to play whenever you get free time. It is sure you will get excited whenever you see the ‘victory’ after winning each battle.

Lost and Found: Buena Vista Social Club


Buena Vista Social ClubDo you want to listen to an awesome mind blowing album? Are you bored up with the recent tracks? Well, if so you need to buy or listen to this album, Lost and Found. It is said to be released on 23rd of March. The Nonesuch records distribute the album in North America. It is a new unique collection of unreleased tracks. You can easily order or listen the tunes in iTunes.

Buena Vista Social ClubThe original album was the best seller all around the world and remains as the successful album in the Cuban music history. Some of the highlights of the album include Macusa is a classic Santiago fashion song, Liagrimas Negras is the best loved tracks and there are three live tracks sung by Ibrahim Ferrer. If you wish to explore some classical and ballad cut, then you need to listen to this tunes. The music is irresistible and we hope their heirs can carry the traditions forward.