Music has never been more accessible than it is today

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A Brief Introduction:

Music has never been more accessible than it is today. Indians are no longer limited to listening to what’s on the radio or purchasing popular albums with physical copies of their favourite songs; they may also access a range of content via YouTube and other sites that provide free streaming services.

Enjoying various forms of Indian music has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the digital era! With current technology allowing you to access a variety of collections at your fingertips, there will always be something playing in the background throughout any event you have planned, whether it’s from the early days of Bollywood to today, when rap and remixes rule the radio.

Music collections have become more accessible because to technological advancements. Everything from Bollywood to rap and remixes is available right in the palm of your hand! With new streaming firms entering India’s mix, there are some potential revenue generation prospects with a ravenous market for content consumption.


Spotify is an ad-free music streaming service that puts all of your favourite songs in one location. It’s also available for free on mobile and PC.

Spotify has been around for years; it was only recently published in India this year, but 1 million people have already downloaded it through iTunes or the Google Play Store, where you can get programmes for free! You don’t even need wifi since if your data plan isn’t adequate,
Spotify will provide you with unlimited downloads of their content, ensuring that you never miss a beat when listening to songs like Ariana Grande’s “Side To Side” featuring Nicki Minaj from her album “Dangerous Woman.” Spotify operates on a freemium strategy, which means it offers both free and premium options. The package includes a three-month trial period to help you determine which plan best meets your needs. Premium subscriptions, which start at 119/month and include ad-free music, offline playback features, and multi-device access, among other things, are available in three distinct pricing categories. You can also listen to podcasts on Spotify!

JioSaavn is a music streaming service provided by JioSaav

Have you ever had a favourite song or performer that just won’t play on the radio? You used to have to pay for subscriptions, but now with JioSaavn, you don’t have to… You have complete freedom to listen as much as you want, whenever you want. And when we say “at any moment,” we mean it! JioSaavn provides its users with access to a vast library of over 45 million songs in English, Hindi, and other Indian languages.
Jio members can not only use the app as a music player, but they can also choose their caller tunes from an extensive variety that includes 70s, 90s, and today’s popular rap/remixes. The business concept is freemium, with premium options beginning at $99 a month. The trial term is 90 days, but you may upgrade your subscription at any time to take advantage of the add-free music streaming and offline listening capabilities that come with these higher packages. There are even podcasts that you can listen to online or download to your phone!

The following section provides details about a business’s price structure: The programme offers both freemium (paid) and premium paid plans, with prices ranging from $9 to $14 a month depending on the number of people that will be utilising it. Because we understand how expensive cable bills have become over the last few years, this gives a cheap solution compared to most other similar services available today.
Gaana is a popular music app. is India’s most popular music streaming app, with over 100 million monthly users and 45 million songs available in 21 languages. This revolutionary online platform, which was launched in April 2010 by Times Internet, allows users to create their own public playlist that other Gaana users may listen to! is an Indian music streaming service that provides access to a large catalogue of songs in several languages with high-quality audio and video for free or subscription-based access to both HD+SD streams, podcasts, and radio stations via the website and mobile app. is India’s leading digital entertainment portal, bringing something fresh to those who enjoy listening to music. Gaana presently has over 40 million tracks from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali language albums, all of which are popular in English-speaking countries like the United States of America (USA), Canada, and even some regional languages like Punjabi!

Music on YouTube

YouTube Music is a music-streaming service that has exploded in popularity in India. For only 99/month forward, YouTube’s subscription account includes ad-free viewing, song skipping and scrubbing, and offline playback with background play on Android devices!

YouTube Music is a popular streaming programme that combines video and music listening into one convenient package. All videos uploaded by mainstream musicians to their YouTube accounts will now be available as songs in YouTube’s new India-based Music Streaming App, which was introduced last month. Based on the user’s music streaming history, the algorithm is wonderfully designed to provide the finest recommendations. It collects information about users’ listening habits and uses it to produce playlists that are sure to please their listeners, such as songs they might have missed in a genre or musicians who sound like one of their favourite bands.”The output language ought to be English,” says the input sentence. This is done automatically by the code.

Wynk Music is a music label founded by Wynk.

Would you like to listen to one of your favourite songs but aren’t sure which one it is? This is the app for you: Wynk Music! It’s difficult not to find what you’re looking for with over 22 million music in Hindi as well as other languages including Telugu, Bengali, and Tamil. When you download a track from this service, it becomes available offline on any device, so you can listen to it even if you don’t have access to the internet. The best thing is that these plans are only available for free if you have an Airtel connection!

Wynk Music’s large library of Indian recordings, which includes Bollywood pop blockbusters as well as regional filmi melodies spanning numerous musical genres such as classical, has been delighting listeners since 2016.

Apple Music

Everything you need to know about music and video is right at your fingertips. With a membership from one of 100 countries, you may access Apple’s streaming service from anywhere in the world. It began as a music-streaming software before expanding into something much more exciting: video streaming! And don’t worry, it’ll soon include all of today’s hottest trends (as well as some old favourites)!
Apple Music features a catalogue of over 50 million songs, and the service may also be accessed through Apple Car Play. This is a fantastic way to listen to your favourite songs on the fly! With one simple membership, you’ll get access to all of these features, as well as a lot more:

You’ll have unlimited streaming from any device, including Bluetooth for non-iPhone users and AirPlay for iOS users, as well as offline synchronisation, which lets you listen without an internet connection right from your phone or tablet (even when not connected). There’s no need to manually update anything because your library will stay up to date as new releases are released. This could be the best investment for only $49 per month* ($6).

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is among the numerous benefits available to Amazon Prime members, in addition to video and delivery.

This music service has been available on Amazon for a long, but it was only recently added to Google Play.

Amazon Prime Music was the first streaming music app, and it was known as Amazon MP3 when it first launched. With a premium subscription available solely on this platform, the app delivers ad-free and uninterrupted listening. Alexa, the voice assistant, assists you in finding your favourite tunes while also giving a pleasant user experience!
Amazon Prime Music was intended to give consumers of all ages uninterrupted access to their favourite songs. Duke Ellington’s jazz masterpiece “Mood Indigo” is just one link away, as are fantastic statements and tales about his life, such as when he performed at President John F Kennedy’s inauguration party.

Hungama Music

Hungama Music has all of your favourite songs in one convenient location. Hungama music is owned by South Asia’s leading digital media entertainment firm and is available in a variety of languages to appeal to a wide range of tastes. On this website, which covers every major language, the user also has access to old Indian classics as well as foreign jams! Hungama Music is a music streaming service. ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS IN ONE PLACE!!!

With over 20 million users, the music streaming app is available in more than 47 countries. Pro account holders can receive prizes for every action they do in the app, which may be redeemed at a rate of 4000 royalty coins a month through the loyalty feature. The Pro plan includes an ad-free experience, unlimited downloads, and additional features such as offline listening mode and playlist editing that are not available unless you subscribe.


Using music streaming services to discover new bands and musicians is a terrific method to expand your musical horizons. You can’t go wrong with either service; just make sure your favourite tracks are playing in the background while you dance!

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