Wedding traditions have evolved significantly over the years

Getting Married Socially Distantly: Entertainment Ideas

Wedding traditions have evolved significantly over the years. Couples are looking for more than just the usual reception, whether it’s traditional dances or something totally original. You will be surprised at some of the ideas we explore here.

Wedding receptions as you know them are about to undergo significant changes — gone are the wonderful dance parties where everyone got down on their feet all night long; now it appears that people want something different, with creativity at the forefront. Today, we’ll go over four incredible ideas that wedding planners can implement this year to keep guests entertained from start to finish at any event they’re hosting!

Performers + Live Music:

Infusing live music into your events will engage and entertain your guests. Participants may be compelled to dance, so keep them seated during high-energy performances such as duelling pianos or pop violinists. Consider hiring an opera singer to perform lower energy songs that will not make guests feel restless to improve the mood of a low-key event without sacrificing entertainment value.

You can also look to your family history for meaningful performance ideas that will resonate with loved ones and make the occasion extra special. If one of your grandparents is French Canadian, for example, you could hire mariachi musicians or drummers who specialise in jazz music from different countries; this would be an excellent way to honour them while celebrating their unique culture. If karaoke doesn’t sound like fun (and it isn’t), allow partygoers to provide entertainment by performing songs through this medium!

Consider your family history for a personal performance idea that will resonate with loved ones. If one of your grandparents is French Canadian, you can hire Mariachi musicians for an event; this is a great way to honour them while celebrating their culture! If karaoke doesn’t sound like fun (and it isn’t), let guests provide entertainment by performing songs through this medium – they’ll love being able to show off their skills!

The arts are suffering right now, with theaters and venues across the country closing indefinitely. However, there are numerous ways to incorporate live acts into your wedding. So many performers want to perform in front of a live audience again, making it easier for you! Hire a theatre company or host a murder mystery show with the tagline “Staying safe does not mean staying bored.” Dancers, such as belly dancers, aerialists, ballroom dancers, or acrobats, can also liven up a reception.

It can be difficult to find the ideal entertainer for your event. Santoro Entertainment has booked comedians, magicians, and jugglers to keep a party going late into the night! “Laughter is good for the soul!” proclaims Santoro. If you want something more intimate, we have fortune-tellers who will do one-on-one readings with guests who come up on stage or in an area set aside specifically for them to privately share their fortunes with attendees during cocktail hour before dinner.”

Display a video montage on a jumbo screen after your guests have taken their seats. “Present a slideshow of engagement photos or ceremony photos,” says Jon Lemon of JC Lemon Photography. Adding more fun by incorporating singing and quoting as well will be an added bonus.” You could also inquire with your Videographer about creating a same-day edit that captures all of the moments leading up to the reception and is quickly edited on-site to create emotional videos that will capture and hold attention!

For a long time, the tradition of dancing with the bride or groom at weddings has been practised. Guests will dance with this person and then offer them money to help offset wedding expenses. However, it became clear in recent years that having so many people so close together was not safe for anyone involved because they could be pushed into other dancers by accident, causing injuries that no one would want to recover from quickly (especially if you are trying your best footwork). That’s why we decided to make life-size cardboard cutouts of the couple instead!

Make your games fit the theme or colours of your wedding! Giant Jenga, cornhole, Connect Four, and shuffleboard will keep guests entertained. You can also order personalised stickers for these game sets; simply consider what they say about colour schemes and themes that you would like at this event.

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