A man (face not seen) packing his guitar in a box.

How to Prepare, Pack & Ship Musical Instruments?

Shipping musical instruments from one place to another will be challenging to perform. You will have to pay more attention to the packaging. Consider a qualified shipping partner service provider like Avon Solutions and Logistics to ensure the safe delivery of your musical instruments. With our years of experience, we will able to give you an unbeatable experience in shipping partner services. Know more from our step-by-step guide for packing and shipping musical instruments given below.

General Rules to Ship Musical Instruments

The dimensions of your package are more important than the actual weight of the package when shipping larger musical instruments. A package that weighs 20 lbs may be charged a higher shipping cost due to its size. If you are shipping a musical instrument or another fragile item, compare shipping rates and additional benefits. It is always safe to trust professional courier partners to guide you through shipping small, fragile items in an instrument.

Wrap the necks of your instruments in bubble wrap or soft cloths to protect them from damage. Ensure the safety of your instrument by strapping it in place. Don’t scrimp on boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, and hire a professional packing company to pack your instruments. A professional packing company will create shipping insurance to ensure that the instruments are properly protected during shipping.

A guitar inside a carton box, a bit of its top portion is seen.

How to Ship Different Musical Instruments?

Make sure to use high-quality tape and large enough boxes to accommodate your instruments. If you are shipping a case, wrap the case in bubble wrap and secure the wrap with shipping tape.

  • Wind instruments, string instruments, and percussion instruments require special shipping instructions.
  • Wrap each piece of your brass instruments in bubble wrap, taking care not to damage them.
  • Pack a drum set, remove the legs, remove the rack tom stand, and stuff the bass drum with crumpled newspaper. Wrap drums in bubble wrap before shipping them to your packer.

Last But Not Least
Shipping insurance is a must if you ship anything irreplaceable, expensive, or fragile. It provides a sense of security and reduces stress. If the item is damaged during shipping, the insurance company will reimburse you for the entire or part of its amount. Therefore, it is a wise move to purchase shipping insurance even if your package is securely packed.

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