Fast and Furious 7: Motion Picture Soundtrack


fast-and-furious-7Cars and Pop music has a great history and Fast and Furious 7 goes one step ahead. It has excellent sound tracks and remains thrilling enough each of them. There are sixteen sound tracks in the movie. The soundtracks are fusion of Latin pop, EDM and hip-hop. The film has paved way for new tracks and plays an important part in the film. See you again is the second song by Khalifa.

furious-7-original soundtrackIt has been worked in combination of rhythmic and pop and works as a track at various formats. The opening of the film is remarkable with the ‘We’ll let see you again’. The producers are expecting for a grand opening and expected to create a bang at radio. Here listing some of the popular tracks of Fast and Furious 7, My Angel by Prince Royce, Payback by Sage the Gemini, Future, Kevin Gates, and Juicy J, and Six days is a remix by DJ Shadow.

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Southern Style: Darius Ricker


Southern Style Darius RickerDarius Ricker is a cool and successful person in Nashvile. Being established as a popular country singer, Ricker is also known as hottie in the industry. It is because he remains solidly likeable than any other dude in Nashville. He is an easy going, more friendly, warm and caring person. His down home anthems like Good for a Good time, Low Country, So I Sang, Need you More, High on Life, Perfect and Southern Style and more are excellent ballads.

Southern-Style-BigHe remains as the biggest American-African country artist of the decade and brings great tunes to life. it is definite that you can experience a refreshing and country feel listening to his beautiful songs and ballads. The album name is Southern Style and it was released in the year 2015. He has used the country genre in the album. It has received good reviews and excellent comments from listeners all over the world.

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Handwritten: Shawn Mendes


Handwritten Shawn MendesDebut single, song writer and singer Shawn Mendes has come up with his latest album Handwritten. The album has twelve fabulous songs penned by Mendes and his team members. It includes Life of the Party, Stitches, Kid in Love, Strings, This is What it Takes, Crazy, A Little Too Much, Something Big and more. The total length of the album is forty minutes. Tracks like Something Big and Life of the Party was released on November and June, 2014. Both received a good response in the public. The entire Handwritten album was released recently on April 14 of this year.

Shawn MendesThe official song was first launched on Vevo where you can watch the Shawn’s official video. Shawn Mendes was born and brought up in Canada (Toronto). He has earned good reputation in the public after sharing his sounds and songs in several social networking sites. When he released the first album he was just fifteen years and he was the youngest singer to make his album top in the top 25 albums. If you wish to download or want to hear his tracks, you can easily download via iTunes. His acoustics is influenced by Ed Sheeran who is a light acoustic player.

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Carrie and Lowell: Sufjan Stevens


Sufjan StevensSufjan Stevens is a famous American multi instrumentalist, songwriter and singer. He was born in Michigan (Detroit) and grew up in the Peotskey city of the same state. His first recognized album was ‘A sun came’. His 2005 album was well renowned and remained as the top hit number in popular music charts. His recent album Carrie and Lowel was released on March 31, 2015. It is an emotionally heart striking album. In this album he joins with Elliott Smith and Nick Drake who change their suicidal thoughts into emotionally pretty songs.

Carrie and Lowell Sufjan StevensStevens has expressed his deepest anguish in this tracks through his warm milk voice and acoustic finger picking tone. The Eugene is the title track which has great melodies and happy memories. Some of the tracks include Henney Buggy Band, Death with Dignity, All of me wants, Year of the Board and more Generally, Sufjan Stvens is famous for his instrumental rich and lyrically focussed songs. It mostly relates to family and faith.

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