Ivy Tripp: Waxahatchee


Ivy TrippWaxahatcheeWaxahatchee is another popular Indie music project. It is headed and created by Katie Crutchfield, American songwriter and singer. The recent album Ivy Tripp has thirteen song notes. Some of the popular tunes of this album include Grey Hair, La Loose, Under a Rock, Breathless, Bonfire, Blue and the Dirt. The Air and Under a Rock is said to be in the top list under Waxahatchee collections. The band is a fusion of various genres like college rock, Indie rock, rock/pop, adulat alternative, Britpop, pop and rock music. These songs are easily available in iTunes.

Ivy Tripp WaxahatcheeIf you wish to download, you can easily download in just a click from your iPhone or Ipad. The Waxahatchee is name of the band and it was begun by Kati Crutchfield. It started as an unaccompanied project. The profile of the project started to grow, which Kati signed with Merge Records to release her latest album Ivy Tripp. It was releases in April, 2015. The album has received good response from her audience. The album from a rising song writer focuses on strong and soothing melodies. Each song are unique and gives out a pop joy feel at the end. The Stale by Noon is one of the best songs that Kati has tried and created in her lifetime.

Little Earthquakes: Tori Amos


Tori-AmosTori Amos is the singer, song writer and founded of the album Little Album. Being a debut singer, she has features in singles like China and Silent all these years. Tori Amos has composed almost twelve songs in her singing career. It includes Me and a Gun, Leather, Mother, China, Precious Things, Crucify, Girl and now recently she has come up with a song ‘Little Earthquake’. This album has earned five stars by the Allmusic ratings, Slant Magazine. Moreover, the Melody Maker has rated it favorable. It is said to be a popular solo album of the year 2015.

Little Earthquakes Tori AmosjpgThe album has emotional lows and high and has heavy piano effects. It is expected to be released on April 23, 2015. The female voice expresses frustration and desire in a beautiful way. Amos work is confessional, poetical, delicate, and her lyrics have close emotional connection. Little Earthquake is not a complete feminine stereotype or style setter. It is intense, far away from comforting and uncompromising. The album is rewarding and influential and expected to receive best results from the audience. She has simple expresses her frankness in her own way of responses and thoughts. The Little Earthquake is less than a seven minutes track and it is worth listening.

Beat the Champ: The Mountain Goats


The-Mountain-GoatsThe Mountain Goats was formed in Claremont city, California. It is actually an American Indie rock folk band. It was founded by the song writer and singer John Darnielle. The latest album from the Mountain Goats band is Beat the Champ. The singer, artists and players have focussed professional wrestling in this album. There are about thirteen songs in this album. They are Southwestern Territory, Choked Out, Luna, Unmasked, Hair Match, Werewolf Gimmich, and Heel Turn 2. If you wish to listen to their extraordinary mix and match albums, you need to download or listen via youtube.

The Mountain GoatsThe percussion and drums is managed by Jon Wurster, electric guitar and bass by Peter Hughes, keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar and vocals by John Darnielle. The total length of the album is forty five minutes. Most of the music lovers and critics has positively reviewed and given seventy eight point out of one hundred for this album. It has been passed and professional wrestling theme remains to be a highlight. People who are not interested in this sport also seem to enjoy this album due to the peppy tunes and music mix. It is said that it is a major highlight in John Darnielle’s career as song writer and story teller.