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Carrie and Lowell: Sufjan Stevens


Sufjan StevensSufjan Stevens is a famous American multi instrumentalist, songwriter and singer. He was born in Michigan (Detroit) and grew up in the Peotskey city of the same state. His first recognized album was ‘A sun came’. His 2005 album was well renowned and remained as the top hit number in popular music charts. His recent album Carrie and Lowel was released on March 31, 2015. It is an emotionally heart striking album. In this album he joins with Elliott Smith and Nick Drake who change their suicidal thoughts into emotionally pretty songs.

Carrie and Lowell Sufjan StevensStevens has expressed his deepest anguish in this tracks through his warm milk voice and acoustic finger picking tone. The Eugene is the title track which has great melodies and happy memories. Some of the tracks include Henney Buggy Band, Death with Dignity, All of me wants, Year of the Board and more Generally, Sufjan Stvens is famous for his instrumental rich and lyrically focussed songs. It mostly relates to family and faith.

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