No Pier Pressure: Brian Wilson


No Pier Pressure Brian WilsonBrian Wilson is a popular American songwriter, record producer, musician and singer. He is best known for his multi tasking. He is a co founder of the popular album ‘The Beach Boys’. He is said to be a genius boy and now he has turned as a successful artist through No Pier Pressue. The album has guest performance of various artists like Zooey Deschannel, Kacey Musgraves, Sebu Simonian and Nate Ruess. The singles from the No Pier Pressure are ‘The Right Time’, ‘Runaway Dancer’ and ‘On the Island’.

No_Pier_PressureThe Right Time was released on February 2015, the Runaway Dancer was released on March 17, 2015 and On the Island was released on March 31, 2015. All the albums has received massive responsive from the audience. It is a kind of mellow harmony, and not something like rock and roll kind. The Wilson’s daughter Daria though the title of the album, No Pier Pressure.

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