Monthly Archive: October 2014

Lost and Found: Buena Vista Social Club


Buena Vista Social ClubDo you want to listen to an awesome mind blowing album? Are you bored up with the recent tracks? Well, if so you need to buy or listen to this album, Lost and Found. It is said to be released on 23rd of March. The Nonesuch records distribute the album in North America. It is a new unique collection of unreleased tracks. You can easily order or listen the tunes in iTunes.

Buena Vista Social ClubThe original album was the best seller all around the world and remains as the successful album in the Cuban music history. Some of the highlights of the album include Macusa is a classic Santiago fashion song, Liagrimas Negras is the best loved tracks and there are three live tracks sung by Ibrahim Ferrer. If you wish to explore some classical and ballad cut, then you need to listen to this tunes. The music is irresistible and we hope their heirs can carry the traditions forward.